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Stop Hotlinking with htaccess! I got snagged by for hotlinking to an image (a cartoon) on their site. That inspired some research into how to protect my own images from hotlinking.

Blozizle Artisizzle

Skizzle, Ma Chizizeweizle

Here’s a quote from a really deep thinker: “I like to expand my vocabulary by making new words…”

A Friend of a Friend

On their greatest hits CD the Counting Crows cover the Grateful Dead’s song Friend of the Devil. I normally like to sing along with songs on the radio, but I had a hard time singing the line, “A friend of the devil is a friend of mine.” It was as if I was singing, “I’m a friend of the devil, so if you are too then you’re okay with me.”

Jesus told us to love our neighbors; to show kindness to our enemies; to give to those who ask and to never turn away from one in need. In that context I’m supposed to befriend even those who have befriended the devil. And that would make me “a friend of a friend” of the devil. Not nearly as lyrical, but true nonetheless.

So now my interpretation of this line can be something like, “Yes, I’ll open my heart to you; I don’t care who you’ve hung out with” Or better yet, “You’re a friend of the devil? Then hang out with me too, friend, because my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”