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An Endless Resurrection of Days

But there was never a dull torment,
and it was grace to live
among the fruits of summer, to love by design,
and walk the startling Earth
for what seemed
an endless resurrection of days.

Diane Ackerman

The Patch of Meaning

God is not the patch of meaning on the wound…God is the wound we put our patch of meaning upon.

Peter Rollins

Okay, after the fact I realize that this quote invites misinterpretation. Let me explain.

What’s the wound? Our disillusionment with the world, its suffering, and our place in it.

And then what is God? Is He a band-aid we invent to make our boo-boo feel better? Is He some patch we apply to keep our disillusionment and discontent from getting worse?

No! God is the ultimate reality, and whatever problems we have with the world we also have with Him. Whatever our understanding of God and the world, it had better be able to explain why we ended up wounded, and be more than just a covering to disguise that something’s gone wrong.

Reflect Seriously

According to the Bible, God gave great and undoubtable signs — parting seas, fire from heaven, and so on. Yet Sagan asks the pertinent question: “why should God be so clear in the Bible and so obscure in the world?” (p.167). Unless Christians and other religious believers are to abandon reason altogether or compartimentalize the Bible out from the world we live in today, then such questions must be reflected on seriously and not dismissed.

James McGrath reflects upon Carl Sagan at Exploring our Matrix