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Blue eyed puppies

We got a puppy today. I don’t know why: we already have a dog and a cat, and we’ve recently gotten rid of three birds and a cat. But regardless, we got a puppy today.

We had a little trouble deciding what to name the puppy. Cora wanted to name him “Wags the Dog” after one of the characters on the Wiggles show on the Disney channel. On that show, Wags — as you might have guessed — is a dog.

However, Tina clenched the name for the dog in a stunning combination of scripture and pop culture. One of my favorite movies — Kevin Smith’s “Dogma” — has a character named Rufus, the 13th apostle. Interestingly enough, our pastor preached last Sunday’s sermon from Romans chapter 16, in which the 13th verse says, “Greet Rufus, whom the Lord picked out to be his very own…”. That was enough to do it. “Henceforth, let him be known as Rufus, the 13th Dogpostle.”

Pap reads to the girls

This is my grandfather reading to my children. He always lived far enough away from where I grew up that I never got to see him too often, and the same has been true for the girls. It’s been heavy on my mind the past few years that I don’t know him very well at all.

I was delighted that he and the girls got to spend some time together. The girls had a great time listening to their great-grandfather read. He was very patient and funny.

I was delighted that he and the girls enjoyed spending some time together.