Monthly Archives: July 2005

An unusual load of laundry

I’m not sure if Plato envisioned some idealized form for what a load of laundry should look like, but most of the laundry I oversee fall into one of five categories: adult whites, adult colors, kid whites, kid colors, and linens.

I’m not super strict about enforcing these categories — I don’t go all Rain Man if I find a black sock among the white tee shirts — but these categories have been in use long enough that I was struck by how unusual a particular load of laundry looked when I was pulling it from the dryer. There were adult and kids clothes present. Colors and whites. And a hat!

Then I remembered. This load of laundry was the result of a full-family sandbox-and-sprinkler fest in the back yard. This photo shows the aftermath. Everyone came inside covered in sand and soaking wet. Everybody’s clothes went straight into the washer.

Betake Yourself to Prayer

Here’s a link to a passage from Don Quixote where the good Don engages in a fight with a windmill.

My favorite line—though there are several very good lines here—is “…if you are afraid, away with you out of here and betake yourself to prayer, while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat.”