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Fat, Lazy and Envious

David Shelton does a pretty good job teeing off on “loving” Christian acquaintances who share their view of just how sinful homosexuality is:

“You know, that isn’t God’s best.” and “It’s a sin just like stealing, murder and rape.”

… Note how the comparison list almost always goes to the worst of the worst. Why not compare this “sin” to something a little more common in today’s churches? You know, like gluttony, sloth, envy, and gossip?

You see, even if you think being gay is a sin (which it is not) or that having gay sex is a sin (except in marriage, which you don’t want us to have), why does it always go to murder? Rape? Pedophilia? Simple: because real Christians don’t do those sort of things. Therefore, gay people can’t be real Christians. But hey, if I stop being gay (read: having gay sex)… I can join your club of fat, lazy, envious gossips.

No thanks. I’m not sure I want to get too close to that kind of activity.

via Trigger Points: Find out why I’m mad as hell.

Taking a stance on stances

The Slacktivist discusses how Evangelical Christians tend to be preoccupied with their “stances” on issues.

That’s a favorite subcultural word — stance. “What’s your stance on inerrancy?” they’ll ask….“What’s your stance on homosexuality?”…

This obsession with policing the proper stance on various subjects is a symptom, I think, of a subculture in which orthopraxy has been almost completely abandoned. When orthodoxy is all that’s left, it’s not surprising that everyone should be incessantly interrogated as to the acceptability of their stances.

That’s troubling, given that Jesus did not say, “take this stance,” but rather “Follow me.” We’re supposed to be moving, not striking a pose.

via Slacktivist, emphasis mine.

Redress of Grievances

We are so confused about our First Amendment Rights. Seems we have mistaken the right to petition for redress of grievances as the right to bitch and moan.It isn’t the same thing people.

via Why the world is so angry with Christians.

Clouds and Rain

A line from the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem, The Cloud, paired with an Arthur Hacker painting. Describes how I think my wife must feel when it’s wintertime in my mind.

And I all the while bask in Heaven’s blue smile,

While he is dissolving in rain.

via The Cloud by Arthur Hacker ::