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Holding to a “center” of theology

Peter Enns was pulling highlights from a lecture by John Franke about the distinctions between traditional and progressive Christian evangelicalism. This part about how to define progressive evangelicalism really resonated with me. Progressive evangelicalism…

(1) is marked by holding to a “center” of theology rather than maintaining firm “boundaries,” (2) views the theological task as more of a “dialogue” than arriving at firm conclusions defended at all cost, and (3) encourages a deliberate engagement of voices outside of evangelicalism in order to learn from them, not simply correct them.

via The Bible is the center of the Christian faith and don’t assume you know what I mean by that.

Looking vs. Seeing

I’m not telling you to not look at women.  Just the opposite.  I’m telling you to see women.  Really see them.

via Seeing a Woman: A conversation between a father and son | From One Degree to Another | Nate Pyle.

People who desperately need to be set free

James McGrath talks about church congregations for whom “Christian faith” boils down to “certainty about doctrine”.

Rather than promising answers we cannot give, why not offer to be a place where questions can be explored openly and with the support of a community? … Why do so many instead offer a false sense of certainty that traps people who desperately need to be set free?

via Church Trap.