Monthly Archives: December 2009

Better for Machines

Computers, software, all those 1s and 0s, flourished in the 2000s. This may have been the first decade in history that was better for machines than human beings.

Joel Achenbach writing about the decade of the 2000s in the Washington Post

Modern-Day Devil

For the average evolutionary biologist, so much research has gone on that has validated the basic tenets of evolution that to try to show that Darwin got some of his findings wrong is almost irrelevant. Newton and Einstein both got some of what they theorized wrong too, but we still use both theories of gravitation.

What these filmmakers, who are so bent on demonizing Darwin and his theory, won’t tell you is that across the world, at exactly the same time, Alfred Russel Wallace was developing exactly the same theory of evolution based on natural selection. Biological evolution, as a concept, was already emerging by the time of Darwin and Wallace because there was so much empirical evidence for it. They simply gave it a mechanism. That the modern creation movement centers their sights on Charles Darwin as a modern-day devil incarnate is beside the point.

James Kidder in a blog post about the movie Mysterious

Marriage Equality

Wow. A New York Senator pleads with her collegues to allow marriage equality in New York state. Based on the argument she presents I’m forced to ask this: if you counter her argument with numbers of your own, please let those numbers be marriage statistics and not bible verses. Thank you.