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Questions They Aren’t Asking

A post at Otagosh quotes from a book review by Thom Stark.

These apologists are perpetuating an insular Christian culture, giving well-meaning Christians permission to switch off their brains and their consciences and go about their business, pretending everything is all right. The apologists don’t care to convince those struggling on the margins of faith – they’re preaching only to the converted, only to those who are looking for easy answers to questions others are asking them, but which they aren’t asking themselves.

Thom Stark, Is God a Moral Compromiser?

You Have No Way of Knowing That

James McGrath speaks about confronting proponents of Young-Earth creationism, Intelligent Design, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

I think that one aspect [of expressing doubt to conspiracy theorists] is to learn to speak confidently about our uncertainty, so as to be able to not merely say “Perhaps” and “Possibly” but a direct and forthright “You have no way of knowing that” and “Your confidence is simply a feeling you have, but it isn’t justified by the evidence.”