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The Good Samaritan

When the priest and Levite saw the body on the ground, they chose to pass him by. When the Samaritan saw the body, he took the pains to help the man.

If your goal is being right, you can wash your hands of a person; if your goal is love, you can’t.

A reflection on the good Samaritan from the blog Jesus Creed

Plug up their ears

…The doctrine of biblical inerrancy has the effect of inspiring its adherents to pay more attention to a text than to the neighbors they are called upon to love. Sometimes it even inspires them to plug up their ears with Bible verses, so that they can no longer hear the anguished cries of neighbors…

Quote from Eric Reitan at Religion Dispatches in an article about same sex marriage equality.

What is Theology?

Theology is the discipline of faith seeking understanding.

Comment by Drew left on an article at the blog Exploring our Matrix