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Failed Competence


INTPs tend to have a sense of failed competence … expressed in a sense that one’s conclusion may well be met by an equally plausible alternative solution, and that, after all, one may very well have overlooked some critical bit of data.

A major concern for INTPs is the haunting sense of impending failure. They spend considerable time second-guessing themselves.

A “Surge” in Afghanistan?

Fred Kaplan writing in

But any realistic hopes hinge on understanding something crucial about the surge in Iraq—it has not yet “succeeded,” in any meaningful sense of the word.

Petraeus understands this. At his farewell ceremony as commander of multinational forces in Iraq, he said, “I don’t like to use words like victory or defeat,” and this remark did not stem from modesty. As anyone who’s read Clausewitz knows, war is fought for political aims—it is not won until those aims are achieved—and this war’s aims are not yet within sight: a stable, self-sustaining, democratic Iraq whose government is an ally in the war on terror.

Rubbermaid Pirates

Life, and you can quote me, is just not fair.

Something New is such a cool domain name! You simply have to use it.