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Never been observed

I am happy to agree that natural selection has never been observed to produce something as complex as the vertebrate eye. Intelligent agents have never been observed to bring universes into being or to create life from scratch, but Sean [Pitman] has no trouble believing that occurred. The fact remains that there is voluminous circumstantial evidence supporting the claim that natural selection can in principle and has in natural history produced complex adaptations.

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Ready to explain why we have done so

Let’s toss out picking and choosing, and substitute “picking and chewing.” We should take things in the Bible, and chew them over, but should feel under no obligation to swallow them rather than spit them out. And again, we should be ready to explain why we have done so.

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Guided in ways they could understand

In a comment after the original post, Scribalishess explains in part how the writers of Genesis 1 could get their theology correct even though we no longer share their ancient view of the physical world.

I see inspiration much like I view the incarnation: God coming to us in a form we understand. If inspiration is “God’s guidance,” then doesn’t it make sense that God would guide writers in ways they could understand?

via Reading Genesis 1 “Literally” | Scribalishess.

Taking Injuries Like Pills

Meekness takes injuries like pills, not chewing, but swallowing them down.

Sir Thomas Browne