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Dogfish Head: Midas Touch Golden Elixir


I buy beer once a week, on Wednesdays, because that’s 10% off day at my Booze-Mart of choice. This week my favorite person—-my wife—-offered to go buy my beer for me. (Back off boys: she’s taken, and I know how to kick in the balls.) She returned with two beers: one of my favorites and one that I’d never tried before. The favorite: Shiner Hefeweizen. The new one: Dogfish Head: Midas Touch Golden Elixir. Hey, go try it.

To my cousin Brian: I know you live in a pisswater state where you have to buy all your beer from the government by the case, but go buy it. I’ll pay you for the other 23 if you don’t like it. Try try try.