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Coffee Sings its Bittersweet Song

Joshua Clover in, writing about storytelling arcs in Country Music:

The other cycle is much shorter, but no less prevalent. Punching in on Monday, it trudges toward the Friday whistle; the weekend runs from paycheck to the local bar, the working man’s church. Maybe a moment of romantic or domestic happiness, maybe just a hangover; then Monday coffee sings its bittersweet song as all begins again.

via Songs Of Love And Money « The Dish.

Treatments for Doubt

Most treatments for doubt are palliative rather than curative.

via Experimental Theology: Search Term Friday: Diagnosing Doubt.

Make a Better Universe

James McGrath considers a litany of “design problems” with the universe, including natural evils, exploding stars, dark matter, and the all-encompassing weirdness that quantum mechanics and relativistic physics both work but can’t be unified.

I am inclined to respond in the manner that I think the author of the Book of Job was getting at in the speeches towards the end of that book. If you can make a better universe, be my guest!

via Big Bang Construction Company.