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Approaching the Bible with Preconceived Ideas

Here’s what I don’t get. Those who deny evolution are able to convince themselves that the overwhelming majority of scientists in fields as wide ranging as biology, paleontology, geology, physics and cosmology have all fundamentally misunderstood the meaning of God’s revelation in nature because they’re approaching the evidence with faulty preconceived ideas.

Yet these same folks never consider that they themselves might have fundamentally misunderstood God’s revelation in Genesis because they’re approaching the text with faulty preconceived ideas.

Chris Massey in a comment at about the presuppositions in the creation/evolution debate.

Irrational and Paralyzing

Fear is usually irrational and paralyzing and it says more about our faith if we don’t allow it to rule over us.

April Terry blogging about Fearing the Unknown at Doable Evangelism

Self-esteem versus Self-respect

An interesting article sent to me by George: Theodore Dalrymple on Self-Esteem vs. Self-Respect.

In the essay Dalrymple criticizes the modern fetish with “self-esteem” which Dalrymple considers to be a form of egotism. … In place of self-esteem Dalrymple calls for self-respect which, in his mind, is inherently social and other-focused…

To illustrate this, Dalrymple considers how we might pay more attention to how we dress: “The small matter of cleaning one’s shoes, for example, is not one of vanity alone… It is a recognition that one lives in a social world. That is why total informality of dress is a sign of advancing egotism.”

Richard Beck on his blog