(web)Site Unseen

Okay, I’ve spent the weekend working on getting the templates and style sheets in order so that this page looks the way I want. Now I’ll turn my attention to more informative posts than what I’ve done up to now. I’ll keep tweaking, but I believe that the tweak-to-post ratio on this page has now shifted. More information and less presentation.

Not that I think there will be a crowd of people rushing to get in here. In fact, I’m only certain of one faithful reader. (Hi, Tee!)

But the number of people who find what I’m posting isn’t the point. The point is the posting itself. The web in general and the phenomenon of web logging in particular have offered me a chance to communicate, and I’m responding. It’s like the proposition accepted by the street preacher in a crowded subway station. My voice may never rise above that of the crowd, and I have no hope of reaching everybody, but if you come close enough then maybe you’ll hear what I’m saying, and hopefully you’ll be glad that you did.