We all know that as adults Christmas morning is nowhere near as fun as it was when we were children. Oh, it may well be more meaningful pondering the birth of our Savior; or we may now enjoy the fulfillment of watching our spouses and children open gifts that we’ve selected more than we enjoyed being children ourselves opening whatever Santa had brought for us. But still, as far as raw fun goes, present-opening was better as children than it is as adults.

Well Tina’s managed to make this Christmas’ present-opening pretty exciting for me. She’s gone and okay’d a purchase that makes me as giddy as a child while I await the UPS delivery. We’re getting a Roomba!

Yep, I’m going to get a robot. That is cool to me in at least 3 different ways. But allow me to ignore all of those ways for now and concentrate on a near-inanity: that is, what to name our new Roomba?

I’m a big fan of the show Futurama. On that program they often name their robots using a rather utilitarian formula: a robot is named after it’s function, and then the suffix “bot” is often added to complete the name. Examples: Humorbot, Preacherbot, Fatbot, and Hedonismbot.

So, I’m thinking our new Roomba robot should be named Suck-bot. How’s that?