Theology and Science Make Peace

Like a lot of evangelikids … I experienced quite a bit of cognitive dissonance when I got out into the world a bit. … I also learned that the evidence for the overall picture of the history of life and the universe that science has given us over the past couple of centuries is overwhelming. While some of the details are unknown and other parts are a little fuzzy, it is clear that the universe is at least 14 billion years old, that earth has only been around for about 4.5 of those billions, and that during that time life on earth has evolved from a few simple kinds of organisms to all the complex and varied forms of life we see today through a process of gradual evolution.

Surprisingly, unlike others I know, validating science like this never shook my faith a bit. … I think maybe I just thought that Jesus would never want me to reject any truth, and that if both of these things were ways to approach the truth, they must fit together somehow.

Brent Henderson, from his article Can Theology and Science Make Peace in the Age of Darwin?