ObamaCare — Carefully Designed to Preserve the Free Market

Contrary to what conservatives would have you believe, Obamacare actually was a very conservative concept, carefully designed to preserve as much as possible of the free market that conservatives make such a fetish of. Duh.

Most liberals and moderates would vastly have preferred a single-payer system like Canada has, where the government provides the insurance but doctors and hospitals are perfectly free to operate under free enterprise. But conservatives demanded that any system totally preserve the private insurance industry.

So the liberals completely caved to the conservatives and came up with a free-enterprise-based health plan called Obamacare specifically designed to appeal to conservatives. But in a stunning — and totally senseless — turn of events, conservatives (instead of declaring victory) began total warfare against the very plan that was designed to meet most of their free enterprise concerns.

Source: The new Republican health care plan is awe-inspiringly awful – The Washington Post