In Need of a Drink

I don’t think I’m an alcoholic because I’ve never cared for hard liquor, but I’m really efficient with the beers. Once I start drinking I keep drinking. Did someone bring home a six-pack today? I’ll drink the six tonight. Did someone bring home a case of beer? It’s gone in four days tops: sooner if I drink one or two in the afternoon before lighting up on them after the kids go to bed. In fact, one of our casual family guidelines is that beer is not brought into our home. I only consume alcohol at restaurants and other outings.

As one way of blowing off steam I have a regular every-other-Wednesday playdate with my friend Greg. He teaches an eventing class at the community college and we meet at at a local restaurant after his last class. Yeah, when I said restaurant I meant bar.

Because of late December close-to-Christmas-ness Greg and I missed our regular outing tonight. Man I was pissed. I look forward to the beer buzz. In fact, it’s a touchstone of my week; something I look forward to.

So I’m at home and pissed that Tee is out Christmas shopping on my beer night, and my beautiful wife brings home a six pack when she returns. Very nice. She’s too thoughtful/good for me.