Terms In Use

The Sisters

I call my two girls “The Sisters.” Cora and Callie are less than two years apart in age and are rarely apart physically either, preferring to do most everything together.

The Matthews

My two closest friends are named Matthew: one wants to be called by the full name Matthew while the other is fine with just Mat. I also have at least two other Matthews in my regular circle of friends.

Since all the Matthews know each other the sum of their combined influence on me can be thought of as a cross product of their individual influences on me. (Anyone remember their matrix equations from Linear Algebra?) I refer to “The Matthews” as a shorthand for this cross product of the Matthew Matrix.


Tee is shorthand for my wife Tina. She is the most wonderful, beautiful, supportive, inspiring person I know. She’s persevered through three pregnancies to give me three wonderful children and, amazingly, she’s made love to me way more than just those three times. I’m her servant, fan, and partner forever.