The Video Project

I’m about to restart my family video project. When Cora was very small I used to shoot long stretches of her doing very little. Playing these back was rather boring. After Callie was born I kept taking just as much video but my goal changed. Instead of trying to capture specific magic moments (like baby’s first step) I would try to get a representative sample of what was going on for us at the time. A few minutes of crawling, a few minutes of play, a few minutes of messy eating. Then I’d cram the best of this footage onto a DVD. There was a time when I was producing these short compilation DVDs at a rate of one each month.

For some reason I fell out of the habit of using the DV camera. It could be that the DV camera is just so much larger than my digital still-photo camera. I take the still camera everywhere and shoot several pictures per day. The DV camera simply fell out of use.

But I want to restart the project, especially now that Cameron is around. Infants change fast so I want some video to remember these early months.

And I’m serious about it too. I just spent money to upgrade my old video editing / DVD making software.